• Mark Hill - Award Winning Songwriter/Producer for Craig David and The Artful Dodger It never ceases to amaze me how much raw, untapped, young talent there is here. These guys are doing some serious training for a cut-throat industry but having a lot of fun doing it. I'll be keeping my eye on this lot...

  • Birdy Internationally famous singer/songwriter "Birdy" has worked with Pop Academy Vocal Director, Gareth Henderson since she was 12 years old. She said after watching the Academy in action - "This is an excellent way to get into singing and to learn from others."

  • Lemar - British R&B Soul Singer The vocal and choreographic experience that a child can gain from The Pop Academy, would definitely prepare them for a superb career in pop music. Lemar signed long-time Pop Academy member "Effie" to his record label.

  • Charley Macaulay I was in the Pop Academy for nearly 10 years. This was a massive part of my early career. I discovered my love and passion for music and developed stage skills, confidence and harmonies. It helped me find myself as a young artist. It is a great organisation to join for anyone who loves singing and dancing.

  • Colin & Allie Burdle - Parents of Pop Academy member, Charlie "We saw the improvement in her singing immediately as she gained confidence almost overnight, knowing she was being trained to use her voice in the correct way. Since having her lessons she has been able to achieve leads at the Pop Academy and performed her solo parts on stage."

The Australian Pop Academy

Western Australia's most exciting new Performance opportunity for young singers

After 18 years of teaching the talented and enthusiastic junior performers of the UK, we are proud to launch our first Australian Academy right here in WA.

Would Your Child Like To :-

* Learn Harmonies for a range of current and classic Pop, Rock and Contemporary R'n'B Songs *

* Audition for lead vocal parts in all songs *

* Learn Original Performance-ready Choreography for the songs *

* Perform in stunning, professional live shows *


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