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We are thrilled once again to be supporting the incredible Perth Symphony Orchestra at this year's Music at Murdoch event on Sunday February 18th.

This event will see around 3000 people gather for an amazing afternoon and evening of entertainment in the grounds of Murdoch University.

We are incredibly proud that this year,  Murdoch University have offered to support a one year Scholarship to The Australian Pop Academy for a young WA singer who is passionate about vocals, performance and contemporary harmonies.

The scholarship is worth $1320 and will be awarded to the applicant who shows not only ability and potential but also that passion and desire to learn.


Apply by sending a video clip (or a link to a YouTube clip which can be set to unlisted if you prefer) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your name, age and address with the video or video link.

The video should be you singing any relevant genre of song (pop, rock, R'n'B, indie etc  - anything you might hear on mainstream radio) and can be a cappella (unaccompanied), to a backing track, or with you or someone playing an instrument. It can be a cover version or an original song but it must not be you singing along with a pre-recorded vocal.

A video of you performing at a gig or show etc is also acceptable.

In addition to the performance, you must also either say in the video or add as an email or comment, why you would want to be awarded this scholarship and what you would hope to gain from it.


To see the sort of performances that The Australian Pop Academy put on either go to


Closing Date for Entries will be Sunday 4th March and the winner of the scholarship will be informed by the end of Monday 5th of March