What We Do

We train young singers in the skills they need to perform Pop Songs that THEY love, on stage, in front of real audiences, in stunning shows.

CC Charlie Cass
They are taught impressive harmonies and specific choreography to a range of current and classic pop songs. All of the arrangements are created especially for the Academy by our incredibly experienced tutors, lead by an internationally successful vocal coach.

The Academy members train every week, in preparation for regular live shows that are put on using professional sound systems, radio microphones and lighting equipment.

The confidence and self-esteem that they gain along the way is as much a benefit as the skills they are taught.
The members are never pressured to perform solos, but are encouraged to do so, when they are ready, in a supportive atmosphere where they can feel safe to stretch their abilities.

All memebers get the chance to audition for the lead vocal parts on every song.

ShreyaThe live shows that they rehearse towards, enable members to show family and friends the skills they have learned throughout the year. It also provides them with an opportunity to sing and perform in front of large audiences, which has a huge positive impact on their confidence.

Members make new friends, learn to work as part of a team, and truly come out of themselves. The testimonials we have had from parents over the years, speak volumes for what a member can gain from The Pop Academy, in addition to simply singing and dancing.

It's a great opportunity to have fun, keep fit, grow and stretch as a person, all while learning skills from experienced professionals.

Why Join Australian Pop Academy - Who We Are.

The Australian Pop Academy is the latest, most exciting incarnation of an organisation that began in the UK in 1998 and quickly grew to a collection of branches in the South of England, which in the last 18 years has taught 1000's of children how to perform like their idols.

Tannyn Taylor
The Pop Academy team have a unique range of skills and experince in bringing out the best in young performers and together with a great technical team, we have put on incredibly professional live shows in front of sell out audiences.

The Academy has been asked to perform at a variety of professional events to large audiences in Perth, such as the Music at Murdoch event, in front of thousands of people.

There is a significant quantity of video footage from our live shows available on YouTube as we know that the performances are something to be proud of!

We are very proud that the Academy has produced successful West End Theatre performers, Recording Contract winning singer/songwriters, great solo vocalists and vocal coaches as well as a steady flow of live performing musicians and exceptional Performing Arts students.